Nova Sedlica, Slovakia
Church (Tsverka) of Archangel Michael
The original church, was built in 1754 and relocated to the Skanzen in Humenne in 1977.  The patron saint (old and new) is Saint Michael the Archangel.   Unlike Zboj, the icon screen is entirely intact and well-preserved.  It contains a Baroque 18th – century altar and a multistoried iconostasis. (Detail 1 Detail 2)  The iconostasis contains the Icon of Christ (Christ Pantocrator).   

‘new’ church , built in 1977, is located on the main village road, not within the property confines of the old church lot.  The new church continues to use the original cemetery.  We did not investigate this church due to its lack of historical significance, nor did we enter it.   This church continues to remain under Orthodox control.  It is on a small plot of land, near the center of the village, with no associated cemetery. 

The Orthodox from Zboj priest also tends to this parish, as has been the tradition for at least 200 years
Original, 1754
New, 1977


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