Journey to Slovakia- Full Circle
July, 2001
Bill Tarkulich
Lexington, Massachusetts

Bratislava and Militaria
Village of Zboj
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Village of Nova Sedlica
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I have come full circle.  I have returned to the land my grandparents left, to which they never returned.  I will attempt to relate to you the places, peoples, events, cultures, organizations and politics of a land amazingly similar to what my grandparents left behind 97 years ago.  My eyes view the journey as an American, who returns to find what he has lost and at least bring a piece of it back, to share with those who will listen.  It is an indescribable story I will attempt to describe.

The journey was much more than I ever imagined it could be.  I was immersed for two weeks into the Rusyn culture.  I slept where they slept, ate what they ate, visited their families, sat at the kitchen table for hours discussing everything from the Nazi Holocaust to Russian children’s cartoons.  Most of the people we met had never met an American before.  I found myself not only representing my family, but acting as an American ambassador as well.  We all have misconceptions of each other and this journey allowed the intellectual walls to come tumbling down.

These web pages illustrate this journey with a few photographs.  For a complete narrative, please refer to the documents listed below.  I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed experiencing it.  Your comments are most appreciated.

Bill Tarkulich
Narrative, 45 pages, (750KB) Adobe Format
Narrative, text-only (90KB) Adobe Format
Historical Sketches
East Slovakia Genealogical Research Aids
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