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Nova Sedlica, Slovakia

More Information

This cemetery has much the same story as the Zboj Cemetery.  The original church site is now marked by a crucifix.  The original cemetery may have about 300 souls buried in it while the "new" section has perhaps has about 80 graves.  The newer section is immediately behind the original plot of land, in a treeless section which appears to previously been farmland.  Looking south from the new grave section, we can see essentially the entire original plot of land. Note the back of the crucifix.  Beautiful vistas can be seen from most everywhere in the cemetery.

The old grave section contained a couple of graves of significance.  The first, appear to be a pair of
communist party members who are buried circa 1947 after having fallen to "bandits."  Also contained is a rather elaborate stone monument of another prominent individual. These graves are written in Ukrainian.

Old graves appear on all four sides of the old church site.  Most are
unmarked, while others are more recognizable by rises in the earth..  Farther back, in an area that appears to be a recent addition, is a newer cemetery that includes about 200 graves from 1989 and later.

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