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Historical Sketches
This page is a short collection of historical documents of the northeast Slovakia region.  External Historical references can be found at my Research Strategies site.
Ulic', Slovakia

Produced in 1980

History (PDF Document)
Wetlina, Poland

Wetlina (Vetlyna)  is the first village north of Nova Sedlica.  My great grandfather was from Wetlina.  He worked in the Carpathian Mountains, as did others from Nova Sedlica.  They socialized and one thing leads to another, he snatched a bride from Nova Sedlica and settled there in the mid 1800's.   

When conducting family research, do not hesitate to venture beyond the immediate village, though a radius of about 10km, what one could/would walk in one day is about all you can hope for.

Under The Snina Stones

the History Snina Slovakia

Originally published in Slovak, this 100-page document written during the communist era presents a lengthy history of the region, embellished with propaganda, though it is easily distinguishable.  Still a good read.

Under the Carpathians
Home of a Forgotten People

A 1946 book about the people, customs and folk stores of the western Ukraine, formerly known Carpatho-Ukraine.  Many Photographs.

The History of Joseph Grisak (1873-1950) (PDF)

The 1978 Family history of an immigrant's life, from birth in Slovinky, Slovakia (Spis County) through immigration and settlement in America.  A beautiful first-hand account.

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